Character of God: A Personal God

Psalm 121

Our God is a personal God.  As we read the psalms we don’t see a God who simply puts things into motion and allows things to happen as they will.  We don’t see a God who has better things to do than work in our lives.  We see a God who relates to his people and makes himself known.  As we seek to know God, we come to know ourselves.

The psalmist reminds us that our God watches over our comings and our goings.  This means that God watches over us in our every day activities.  We don’t have to sit in a sanctuary for our God to see us.  We don’t visit him; he walks with us.  As the psalm says, God is at our right hand and never far away.

It may be helpful for us to consider the context of this psalm.  It was likely sung to encourage those would be making the journey to the temple in Jerusalem for worship. Travel was dangerous in those days, and this psalm reminded the travelers that God was with them, even before they reached the temple.

It is amazing to know that we serve a God who is involved in our lives.  Believing that God is at our right hand strengthens our resolve when we are faced with difficulty or scary situations.  Knowing that God watches over us also reminds us of how important we are to God.  Many religions believe in Gods who are completely separate from their creation.  In these religions, they see God as something to fear or something to please so that they might gain favor.  Our God already favors us because of his love, not because of anything that we might do.

The greatest example of God who relates to us is Jesus.  Jesus tells his disciples in John 14 that because they have seen him they have also seen God the Father.  We understand this to mean that Jesus was the perfect example of God’s person and character.  As we learn about Jesus’s life, we gain a fuller understanding of what it means to know God.  We also gain a fuller understanding of the extent that God would go to in allowing us to know him more.


Take a few minutes to thank God for being present in our lives and for making himself known.  Consider what your life would be like if you had never encountered God.  Where would you be?  What would you be like?  Where would your hope lie?  As you think on these things, pray that God would continue to make himself known and that you would come to a fuller understanding of his character.