Character of God: God of Power

Psalm 29

While they can be terrifying, thunderstorms are amazing events.  The skies change colors.  The wind charges in.  The thunder crashes with an intensity that makes the walls shake.  The lightening nearly blinds us as it stretches across the sky.  Psalm 29 uses the imagery of one of these storms to describe the power and the glory of God.

Our God is powerful, and we would do well to remember that.  There are situations in our lives when we feel like everything is hopeless.  We may feel that there is no way out of our circumstances.  This would be true if our help and salvation was only found in ourselves.

However, we are reminded that anything is possible with God.  God has power over sickness and disease.  He has power over our finances and over our broken relationships.  He has power over our struggles with sin and doubt.

When God speaks into a situation, nothing can stand against him.  Like a storm that blows down a forest, God overpowers anything he chooses to overpower.  Sin and death—he’s conquered that.  Disease and blindness—he’s conquered that.  Suffering and oppression—he’s conquered that.

Celebrate that God is a God of power who can do anything when He wills it to happen.

Next time you encounter a thunderstorm, take time to consider how powerful God truly is as he speaks into our lives and changes our circumstances.

Where do you need to feel hope today?  What have you convinced yourself to be impossible?  Take time to ask God to move in your life and do big things in your world.