Character of God: God Our King

Psalm 47

What is the first thing that you think of when you think of a king?  Maybe it is a king from medieval times with his suit of armor and a crown.  Maybe you think of the kings of the Bible such as David or King Saul.

Take a minute to consider what being a king means.  It means that you have control.  It means that you have responsibility.  It means that you have authority.

Psalm 47 urges us to remember that God is our King.  Understanding God as a king means understanding that he is in control of everything.  We understand that he is in control of our circumstances.  This doesn’t mean that he dictates every choice we will make or activity we will engage in.  God has given us a free will to do as we please.  Because of our choices and the choices of others, we will often find ourselves in rough situations, but it does not mean that God lost control of the situation.  It simply means that he has given us the freedom to choose his will in the situation or choose our own.

It is also helpful to remember that God is not just king over human beings.  God is king over all creation.  He has control over the animals, the plants, and the heavens.  In the book of Joshua we see that God has control over whether or not the sun will move in the sky.  Now that is real authority.

God is a good king who works all things together for the good of those who love him.  Most kings would punish their subjects right away for disobedience.  Most kings would put them in jail or even put them to death.  After all, they were guilty.  However, God is not like our earthly kings.  Rather than instantly smite us for our transgressions, God offers grace and forgiveness through Christ.  He gives us a way out of our punishment, not because he has to, but because his love for us leads him to do so.

Our gracious King is definitely worthy to be praised.  We read in many places in the Bible that one day all earthly kings will bow to our King.  In the end there is really only one true king and that is our God.

How does understanding God as our King affect your worship for him?  Honor God for his sovereignty, and thank him that he would be gracious enough to allow us to be a part of building his kingdom here on earth.