Starting Out

The purpose of this site is to allow you to experience God’s word in a fresh way each day.  My hope is that the post and passage for each day will allow you to dwell in God’s word and apply it to your life each day.  My prayer is that you would grow in your knowledge of God’s word for the purpose of glorifying God and honoring God in all that you do.

As you approach each day’s reading, I suggest that you do four things:

  1. Take time to read the passage that is linked to at the top of the reading.  Consider reading it a couple of times in order to really soak it in.
  2. After reading the passage, read the post that follows.
  3. Use the reflection time in each post to have some serious interaction with God.
  4. Make the passage a part of your day.  If the passage is about joy, try to seek joy in your day. If the passage is about sharing what God has done in your life, find a way to make that happen that day.  The reading of God’s word is great, but applying God’s word in your life is what glorifies God and builds your faith.

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