Pursuing True Worship: Obedience

Psalm 1

If we were to speak kind platitudes to our parents all day long but fail to obey them at every turn, it would not take long for them to realize that in our hearts, we do not honor them.

We might expect that the first psalm in the book of Psalms would be one of celebration or thanksgiving.  Instead, the first psalm serves as a reminder that true worship does not simply come in the forms of songs and declarations.  True worship is born out of obedience to God’s word.

This psalm reminds us that those who walk according to God’s word will experience life in abundance, but those who choose their own way will undoubtedly fail.  It is not hard for us to see this work out in our own lives.  If we are honest, the times when we are in a season of disobedience to God, true worship becomes very difficult.  Life tends to become difficult as well.

Many people are surprised to find that there are many psalms praising God for his word and for his law.  In fact, the longest psalm, Psalm 119, is a psalm celebrating the beauty of the law of God.  The law of God is celebrated not because it gives people a ton of rules to follow but because the law of God is seen as God’s covenant promise to his people.  God’s law reveals God’s character and his desire to be in a relationship with his people.

We are called to worship with a pure and clean heart.  If we are going to celebrate God and worship him, it makes sense that we would also honor him by obeying what he has taught us through his word.

For us to be obedient to God’s word, we need to know God’s word and make it a major part of our lives.  Take some time to think about the delight that you can find in knowing God and his will for you.  If you have begun to find spending time with God to be a difficult thing, ask God to reveal to you areas in your life where disobedience is preventing you from experiencing true worship.