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Psalm 8

Even a brief glimpse out of a window can give us a picture of the goodness of our God.  Some of the most devotional moments we can have occur when we catch a glimpse of God’s creation.  Whether it is a scenic overlook or the presence of a newborn baby, God’s creative work on this earth can blow us away.

In Psalm 8 we see God celebrated as our creator.  The author David points to the fact that when we look at the creation, it should instill in awe for the creator.  As we see what God has done through creation, we marvel at how God chose to bless us with the beauty of the world.  When we consider the complexity of life or the sheer size of the universe, we stand amazed at God’s creative power.  Celebrating God as Creator allows us to reflect on his majesty, power, glory.

We also are reminded in the psalm that human beings are a special part of God’s creation.  He has put each of us together, and as our creator, he loves his creation.  The psalmist reminds us that God cares for us and that we as human beings are God’s crowning achievement in creation.  God in his wisdom chose to make us rulers and stewards over all of His creation.  We read that God has bestowed upon us glory and honor when it comes to his creation.

It truly is an honor that the God of the universe would think enough of us to create each of us with special skills and abilities.  His plan for this world is complex enough that he also gave each of us particular callings and desires.

We also understand that God created us with a purpose.  Our purpose is to glorify God, and we do that through our worship and our obedience.  Using our skills and desires, we serve our God.  We don’t do it out of obligation, but we do it because our God is the only thing worthy to be served.  Our lives are lived for his glory because he is the only thing worth glorifying.

Take time now to consider the wonders of God’s creation.  Think about the complexity of the human body.  Take a look outside of your window and marvel at how God has made everything to work together.  Consider also that you were created in a place of honor, greater than all of what we see in nature.  Be humbled that God would create you, and feel loved that he would design you just the way that you are.  Ask God to reveal to you your purpose and calling in this world.


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