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Psalm 23

Last week our devotions focused on understanding the nature of true worship.  This week we will be focusing on celebrating the character of our God.  When we can recognize God for who he truly is, we will have all the more reason to worship him and praise his name.  The purpose of our devotions this week is to help you come to a fuller understanding of the character and nature of the God we worship.

Today we are looking at a familiar psalm that depicts God as both a loving shepherd and as a gracious host.  This psalm serves as a great introduction to the character of God because it demonstrates that our God is a God who cares for his people.  Our God is not a vengeful God who stands apart from his creation.  In our psalm today, we see that God is a God who serves as a caretaker and a provider.

In the first part of the psalm we see God as our shepherd.  This means that God is a gracious provider.  He provides rest.  He provides comfort.  He provides direction.  He provides protection from evil.

In the second part of the psalm we see God as a host who has prepared a lavish banquet for his people.  The idea of God as our provider is reinforced with this metaphor.  In this picture of God’s banquet we are anointed with oil as honored guests, and we are provided with more than we will ever need.

God’s provision for his people is a sign of just how good a God he truly is.  Our response to his provision is not just joy in our present circumstances, but also joy in the promise that God will be our host forever in heaven.

What do you need God to provide for you today?  If  you need rest, pray that you find rest in God today.  If you need direction, pray that you receive direction.  If you need provision, pray that God will meet your need.  Find comfort in our Good Shepherd.


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