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Psalm 20

Many people who have a hard time understanding God simply see him as a God who tells people what to do.  They believe that his purposes are to direct people’s morality and that he holds people to an impossible standard.  They see God as demanding towards human beings.

When we celebrate the God of the psalms we see a God who is intimately involved in the lives of his people.  Not only does he know what we go through each day, but he also answers us in times of need.  You might think that God has better things to do than answer our requests, but then you remember that we serve a personal and loving God.

In our psalm today, we see God’s people asking him for help and for protection.  We see them asking God for success in achieving the desires of their heart.  They ask that he remember their sacrifices and give them victory.

We celebrate a God who answers our prayers and our calls for help.  When we pray for God to work in different areas of our lives, we pray expecting God to answer.

This doesn’t mean that we should expect God to give us everything that we want.  Sometimes our prayers will not be answered in the ways that we expect them to be answered.  We may not instantly see healing or a relationship restored.  However, we must continue to trust that God has a plan for us, and that ultimately we will be victorious.

We may not be victorious in a battle with depression or even in a battle in our marriage.  We may not be victorious in avoiding bankruptcy or in becoming popular.  However, through Christ, we are already victorious.  Just as the psalmist asks that God remember his sacrifices, we too ask God to remember.  We ask God to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made.  We then celebrate the victory of salvation that we experience each day as we walk with God.

Because we serve a God who answers, pray big prayers.  Ask God to do amazing things in your life.  Pray that  he would give you victory in the areas of life that you struggle with.  Don’t be afraid to ask for the big things.  Then, stand in amazement that God does what he does for you.

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