The Blessings: Pure In Heart

Matthew 5:8

In my line of work, I get to observe one of the most fascinating situations on Earth–teenagers in love.  I get to watch how they work in the mention of their new girlfriend’s name into every conversation.  We could be talking about terrorism and they chime in “you know who hates terrorism?  My new girlfriend really hates terrorism, and genocide, she really hates that too.”  I also get to hear all kinds of incredibly mundane details about their interactions with their new significant others such as “Hey Josh, guess what Michael did today! He ate two sandwiches.  Usually he only eats one, but today he ate two!  Isn’t that hilarious!!  I just love him so much for that!”  Oh teenage love.  For better or worse, these kids jump into these relationships with their whole hearts.

Today, we are looking at a different type of relationship that requires our whole heart.  In our passage today, we see Jesus stating that the life of a true disciple is reflected in a heart that is pure.  Essentially, what Jesus is saying that a disciple’s heart is to be undivided.  We cannot love God with some of our heart and love the world (success, money, even family) with the other part.  Our hearts are to be loyal to God and God alone.  This does not mean we are not to love our children or other people.  What it means is that we focus our love on God and love for people will emanate from that love.  Our love for God will lead us into incredibly loving relationships.

There are so many things that tug at our heart.  We love hobbies and money and fame.  We love ourselves, sometimes so much that we choose to do what we think we would make us happy even when God has told us that it will not.  Our hearts are not inclined to the things of God.  Our hearts are just as subject to the Fall as any other part of us.  We are in constant need of a renewed heart.

It is actually rather difficult to picture what a heart that was solely focused on God would actually look like.  A person whose heart was captivated with God would see the world differently.  They would experience things differently.  How could they worry?  How could they be afraid?  How could they willingly choose to sin against God?

The promise of this Beatitude is perhaps one of the most amazing.  The pure in heart will see God.  In many ways this promise is accomplished by our ability to have fellowship with God through our faith in Jesus.  We can relate to God who is personal and powerful.  The pure in heart also see God as they see God moving in our world.  Where some may see coincidence, those pure in heart know that God has done a great work.

What has captured your heart?  Is it a love that is inspired by God or is it a love that drives you away from God?  What do you treasure and hold dear?  Are the most important things to you your faith and your relationship with our Creator?  Take time today to do a little self-assessment as to the purity of your heart.  Ask God to create in you a clean heart that is seeking after Him.