The Way: Salt and Light

Matthew 5:13-16

It would be incredibly strange if an amazing musician never performed for anyone.  How sad would it be if his gift was never shared with another living soul?  What if the musician only focused on becoming a better musician and was satisfied with hearing himself sing?

Or, what kind of scandal would it be if there was someone who had the answer to curing cancer, but he decided not to share the cure because it was good enough for him to know the answer?

When we limit the Christian life to what our relationship to God means for us as individuals we lose a significant part of what it means to be a follower of Christ.  It is like knowing the cure or having an amazing gift and choosing to keep it to ourselves only for our benefit.

In our passage for today we see how important it is to live a godly life in front of other people.  We discover that the Christian life is to be lived not only for our benefit but also for the benefit of the entire world around us.

Jesus first calls his disciples the salt of the earth.  As salt was a vital part of life in those times, so are we vital to this world.  The world needs Christians to share the hope that they celebrate.  The world needs Christians to share the way that Jesus taught us to live.  The world needs people who truly embrace the idea of loving your neighbor as yourself.

Jesus then calls his disciples the light of the world.  Here again we see Jesus calling them to become something vital to the world.  We as Christ’s followers are called to be a light in the midst of a dark world.  It is not difficult to see the darkness that surrounds us.  We are called to be a light that breaks into the darkness and shows people a better way, not simply a better way to live, but a better way to understand the world.

How does your faith influence the world around you?  Would the people who you encounter on any given day even know that you are a follower of Christ?  Ask God to remind you that you are vital part of this world and that you have a mission to change the world.  Ask God to show you places where you can shine your light and show someone a better way.