Titus: Devoted to Good Works

Titus 3

I’m not so great at remembering.  My family gives me a hard time because I have forgotten about entire vacations or even places we lived growing up.  We all have things that we have a hard time remembering.  At times we also have a hard time remembering what our faith says about us and about other people.  In our passage today Paul tells Titus to help his people remember a few key things about their faith and how it plays out in their lives.

Remember to live in light of the Gospel.  Paul calls us to live a holy life that reflects the relationship that we have with God.  We are to live in such a way that honors other people, even when it is difficult.  We are to treat people with respect with our actions and our words.  Few of us would physically attack someone who was difficult to be around, but it is so easy to harm them with evil words or to slander them behind their back.

Remember who you once were.  It think that it is incredibly helpful for us as Christians to be reminded of who we were before Christ.  It not only helps us with our relationship with God, making us more gracious and thankful for his grace and mercy, but it also helps us as we relate to other people who have not experienced the transformation that God brings in our lives.  Understanding that we were once “foolish, disobedient, and slaves to our passions” helps us to have much more patience with those who have not yet met Christ.

Remember that our faith is expressed in actions.  As people who have been renewed by the Holy Spirit and justified by grace the expectation is that we would live in light of that renewal.  We are to embrace the work that God is doing in our lives and focus on being devoted to good works, not to gain righteousness, but to participate in the sanctification that the Spirit has begun in us.  As we devote ourselves to good works for God’s sake, he is glorified and made known to those who need to meet God.

Are you participating in the work of the Holy Spirit in your life or are you working against it?  Have you devoted yourself to good works for God’s glory or to earn favor with others and God?  Does your life call people to Christ?  Ask God to show you areas in your life where he is at work.  Take time to remember who you were before Christ and allow those memories to grow your appreciation for the work that God has done in your life.